SPLENDID'S at the National Theater Company of Korea, Seoul, opening night on Thursday the 21st

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Splendid's in Korea

At the invitation of the National Theater Company of Korea (NTCK), based in Seoul, Arthur Nauzyciel presents SPLENDID'S, on the 21 and 22 August 2015. Then, in February 2016, he will create there YOUR REPUBLIC IS CALLING YOU by Korean author Kim Young-ha, which will be presented in May 2016 in Orleans.

In 2015/2016, SPLENDID'S will be on tour at the Centro Dramatico Nacional de Madrid,  La Criée - Théâtre national de Marseille, La Colline - Théâtre national (Paris), 
Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne and CDDB - Théâtre de Lorient, CDN. 


the production


Jean Genet’s two-act play SPLENDID'S is a sensuous, spectral dance of death; a metaphysical rendition of a James Cagney film; a film noir haunted by baroque hallucinations and gay fantasies.

The action takes place on the 7th floor of the luxury hotel, Splendid, which has come under attack by seven gangsters. They are holding an American millionaire’s daughter hostage, though she is now dead, having been “accidentally” strangled by one of the gangsters. The hotel is surrounded by the police who hesitate to storm it for fear of jeopardizing the life of the young heiress. There is also an eighth person, a cop, who has joined the gangsters; he dangles on the verge of betraying his own.



With Ismail Ibn Conner, Jared Craig, Xavier Gallais, 
Rudy Mungaray, Daniel Pettrow, 
Timothy Sekk, Neil Patrick Stewart, James Waterston
And the voice of Jeanne Moreau

Text: Jean Genet; English translation: Neil Bartlett; direction: Arthur Nauzyciel; set: Riccardo Hernandez; lights: Scott Zielinski; costumes and tattoos: José Lévy; artistic collaboration and choreography: Damien Jalet; sound: Xavier Jacquot; set assistant: James Brandily; costumes and tattoos assistant: Fabien Ghernati; US Casting Collaboration: Judy Bowman, CSA (USA)



Press excerpts

They are called Riton, Pierrot, Bob or Rafale, and their cues shine bright like gemstones. Genet’s language is filled with diamonds in a drama in which everyone seems to dream of someone else, where the dead return, where roles are switched and reversed, where the heroes argue, dress up, desire and betray one another, in a perpetual mirroring process, a snickering waltz of masks on the verge of death masterfully performed by top-flight actors.  
Hugues Le Tanneur, Libération

« Arthur Nauzyciel works again with the remarkable American actors with whom he created his memorable JULIUS CAESAR in 2008. Genet is played in English, in the beautiful translation by Neil Bartlett, giving it an extra strangeness. 
Nauzyciel makes SPLENDID'S a ritual on the brink of death, spectral and splendid. He perfects his work on language, space and body, making him one of the best French directors nowadays. »
Fabienne Darge, Le Monde



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Splendid's on tour

21 Aug—22 Aug 2015

National Theater Company 
of Korea (NTCK), Seoul

29 Oct—01 Nov 2015

Centro Dramatico Nacional,
Madrid - Espagne

03 Dec—05 Dec 2015

La Criée – Théâtre national
 de Marseille, CDN

17 Mar—26 Mar 2016

La Colline – Théâtre national, Paris

19 Apr-21 Apr 2016

Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne - Suisse

27 Apr-28 Apr 2016

CDDB – Théâtre de Lorient, CDN

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